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Metal Gloss and Sealer Gloss of Master formula at

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Metal Gloss and Sealer Gloss of Master formula

METAL GLOSS was formulated with the latest technology in polishing science.  The formula was created WITH OUT ABRASIVE INGREDIENTS , originally designed to polish the most expensive and precious metals in the world:  gold, silver, platinum, etc. Our customers are enjoying amazing results with classic cars, show bikes, and big rigs. Metal Gloss was also designed for the easy application demands of our new generation.  For years, metal polishing has been a difficult chore.  Must polishes are abrasive and scratchy.  Others were too weak to remove oxidation.  Many were messy and hard to wipe off. Master Formula Metal Gloss polishes any metal to an extreme high gloss.


SEALER GLOSS Master Formula, polishes, protects and seals, clear coat, paint, fiber glass, aluminum, chrome, brass, silver, in one easy step. It leaves a crystal clear flexible coating that does not need waxing and lasts for up to one year. Normal washing is all it needs to maintain a rich and glossy finish. Master Formula Sealer Gloss is nationally acclaimed by the airline and trucking industries for its durable glossy protective coating.




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